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Published January 11, 2018

Welcome to Gemini Planet, your home for tips, tricks, and much more for owners of the Planet Computers, Gemini PDA.  Please give us a little time to get this site built, and up and running, which shouldn’t take too long  🙂  Be sure to bookmark    🙂

In the mean time we’re working with the good folks at the Open Embedded Software Foundation who have forums dedicated to the Gemini.  Why not pop over there to start or join a conversation.


  1. chrissybear chrissybear

    Looking great Mike! Keep up the good work!

  2. Andrew Bosley Andrew Bosley

    Hi from down under. Great to see so many people getting involved. Can’t wait to get my Gemini.
    How does one register for this forum site or have I just done it by posting this comment.



    • Phoxford Phoxford

      Another down underer here Andrew – near Christchurch in New Zealand. Where abouts are you?

      David (Phoxford)

  3. Great stuff, well done to you and the team.

  4. Jutleys Jutleys

    hi nice site Mike

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