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Published January 23, 2018

With production beginning on the Gemini PDA, Planet Computers have exclusively revealed to that ALL international keyboard layouts have been finalised, and that no further changes can now be made, before production on the keyboards begins in the coming days.

Additionally, we can confirm that no new backer surveys will be sent asking people to confirm their keyboard choice.  If you have not already done so, please complete the survey at the following LINK.  Note that any changes submitted through the survey may now be too late for backers wishing to change their choice.

When asked about this Planet Computers said that it was due to production pressures, and timing.

The first two final keyboard layouts to be published are the UK, and US layouts.  As we receive more we will update this post, but there is a forum post with more keyboard layouts you can view HERE.

Gemini UK Keyboard Layout
Gemini US Keyboard Layout


  1. where is Gemini with frenche keyboard ?

  2. Fred Fred

    I can’t believe they thought having a backlash as a primary key was a good idea. No one uses it except in programming. But even there, quotation marks are much more common.

  3. Derek E. Derek E.

    Where exactly did this new US keyboard layout information come from? The last official post on US keyboards from the team indicated a horizontal US enter key. Even the one test unit showed a horizontal enter key.

    • Robert Robert

      I concur, the horizontal enter key for the US is the preferred option

  4. David Ford David Ford

    I note the the key layout is identical to that on my Psion 5mx, though the key assignments are a little different from the UK layout with further differences to the US layout. Can’t speak for languages other than English, but I am quite happy with these layouts.

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