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Published March 10, 2019

With the Cosmo Communicator arriving this summer, some Gemini PDA owners are looking to sell their device when the new, next generation device, arrives at their doorstop. Selling your tech online though, and getting the best price for it, isn’t always easy though, so here we want to give you our top tips for how to sell your Gemini online.

How you sell your Gemini will depend largely where you are in the world, but for the most part there are two main ways to sell your device. The first is through our own Facebook group. From the drop-down menu, we have a Sell something, marketplace link. There are issues when selling through Facebook though, as you don’t get any of the protections offered by services such as eBay.

When it comes to eBay things are very different, and you get guarantees that you’re insured and covered for many things that can go wrong, and also that payment from the buyer can be processed by a trustworthy online banking service.

When you want to sell on eBay, always spend some time looking to see if there are other Gemini PDAs on sale. This gives you a good idea of what the current prices are. The Gemini PDA tends to hold its value, so it’s possible to get a high price if you pitch it right. There are a few tips to selling on eBay though.

  • Don’t sell if there are too many of the same item on sale, it just pushes down the prices
  • Make sure you include as many photos as possible of everything you’re selling, and be honest about scuffs and marks
  • If you are selling at a fixed price, be flexible and allow people to make offers. You’re much more likely to sell this way
  • If you’re selling in an auction, time it to end between 6pm and 8pm, Monday to Thursday local time. This is when most people are online, and it’s when you have a much better chance of last-minute bids pushing the sale price upwards.

With a bit of care, and a little bit of luck, you will be able to sell your Gemini, getting the very best price for it so you’re ready for when your Cosmo arrives. Have you bought or sold a Gemini online? If so, what were your experiences? Why not tell us in the comments.


  1. When I click on “Sell Something”, nothing happens. I tried to refresh the page but the problem remains 🙁

  2. Ash Ash

    Hello anyone selling Gemini or Cosmo, please get in touch.

    • mubes mubes

      Ash, I could be interested to sell my Gemini. PM me some co-ordinates or something.

      • Ash Ash

        Hi can you tell me if it’s 4g version or just WiFi?

    • Mr John C Nuttall Mr John C Nuttall

      I have Gemini pda for sale. WiFi and 3g/4g

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