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Published June 3, 2018

For high quality audio on the move, nobody would ever stick with the build-in speakers in their mobile device, and it’s also true of the Gemini PDA.  Sadly in order to keep a super-slim form factor, there simply isn’t room for audio chambers in the Gemini’s speakers.  As a result the sound they produce can often be insubstantial and tinny.

Fortunately the market for third-party Bluetooth speakers is enormous, with everybody from Philips to Bang and Olufsen having products on the market.  My own portable Bluetooth speaker is the Bose Soundlink Mini II.

This is a small speaker, at 5.1 cm H x 18 cm W x 5.8 cm D, though it’s fairly heavy at 0.68 kg.  This weight is because of the magnets inside driving the speakers to produce a hefty sound, and believe me… it’s a hefty sound.  It can be paired with up to eight Bluetooth devices, and features a built-in microphone that can be used with Google Assistant.

Bose have a reputation for producing fantastic sound quality in their speakers and the Soundlink Mini II is no exception.  The dynamic range is excellent, with both the deepest bass and the trill of percussion instruments being clearly heard in even the largest room.  You don’t need a huge room though to take full advantage of the Soundlink Mini II.  Chilling out for movie night on a campsite is enough to give whatever tent or field you’re in a cinematic feel.

Externally, the Soundlink Mini II has a 3.5mm audio socket (though it pairs with the Gemini over Bluetooth as well) and a micro-USB port that can be used for charging.  There’s also a base station provided into which you can plug your charger, only removing the speaker when it’s needed.  The battery too will last a good solid evening and night’s worth of music, with up to 10 hours of playback.  A 3.5mm audio cable and charger are included in the box.

Extras are available for the Soundlink Mini II including a handy, padded carry case, and protective covers.  You can also fine wood veneer coatings online to help protect the speaker, while giving it an extra chic look.  I bought one for my own Soundlink Mini II and can attest that this is quite correct.

You can purchase the Soundlink Mini II from the Bose website or from good retailers worldwide.  The Bose Soundlink Mini II isn’t a cheap product, usually retailing for $199, but there are many other portable Bluetooth speakers that offer significantly less for around the same money, and that might try to make up for the shortfall in audio quality with lighting, or other gimmicks.

When you purchase a Bluetooth speaker to use with your Gemini you’re buying it for the sound, and the Soundlink Mini II does not disappoint in this area.  I can highly recommend it.

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  1. This is my favorite bluetooth speaker, an absolute must have. Al little pricey but worth every penny, the sound is incredible, the battery will last you an entire week and the best part they just feel premium. So many other bluetooth speakers just feel so cheap, especially ones built by Beats.

    The best bluetooth earbuds are the Bang and Olufsen E8’s, seriously, do not bother with any other. Their battery is the best you can possibly have today and they sound better than even $500 solutions.

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