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Published January 12, 2018

It’s been the most phenomenal launch week for Planet Computers and the Gemini PDA at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas with a massive amount of interest, multiple awards, and not a single bad word said about the Gemini itself. I wanted to start this new website with a roundup of the reviews and coverage from CES. Please bookmark for news, tips and more.

Planet Computers said on Indiegogo…

The Planet team was present at CES Unveiled, thanks to our earlier CES award, and did over 150 presentations to journalists on Gemini. The result of this press coverage has been absolutely phenomenal. Not only have we seen a massive uptick in Indiegogo backers (and many thanks for all those new backers who have joined over the past few days!), but enquiries and press coverage is increasing by the day.


The Gemini has already won several awards including a coveted CES Innovation Award. You can see the very impressive trophy below.

Additionally, the Gemini was awarded the Slashgear Editor’s Choice Best of CES 2018 award, and a of ‘Best at CES 2018’ award.

Press Coverage

Here are links to just some of the great many reviews and previews of the Gemini PDA…

More press coverage can be found live on our sister Facebook group.  We’re also working with the good folks at the Open Embedded Software Foundation who have forums dedicated to the Gemini. Why not pop over there to start or join a conversation


  1. Mike, now that the forums point to the OESF forums (probably a good idea, it should save a lot of work) the main site needs a “Contact us” page. Otherwise, the only contact mechanism is to reply to an existing post (like this). The contact page should give contributors a way of submitting articles for your consideration (yes, I have one for you :-)).

    • Thanks David. I was thinking the same thing, so I’ve added a contact page, and tidied things up a bit this morning 🙂

      I’d be very interested to see your article! Send it through.

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