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Published June 4, 2018

On the top centre of the Gemini are five alert LEDs that can be programmed to flash in different colours, and in different patterns when you receive a call on the device.  This is defined in the LEDison app which is pre-installed on the Gemini.

Getting Started with LEDison

With the LEDison app open, you will see the pre-programmed light sequences, and you can work with these in different ways.  In the top right corner of the screen is a menu icon, tapping this will display a menu in which you can Add [a] new sequence or [Assign] Called-ID animations.

Adding and Editing LED Sequences

When you add a new sequence you will see different lighting effects listed as Steps.  Next to each one is a drop down menu from which you can choose the speed at which that step cycles, from Slow, Medium, Fast and Very Fast.  Next are up and down arrows that allow you to re-sequence your alert pattern.

You can set alert LEDs in the following ways…

  • Tap the left and right icons each side of the LED icons to cycle that pattern left and right
  • Tap any LED icon to change its colour, this presents a circle of colours you can swipe your finger around to choose, and has a slider with which you can select the light intensity
  • Tap the Slow, Med, Fast, V Fast drop down menu to chance the speed of that step
  • Tap the up and down arrows to move a step upwards or downwards in the cycle
  • Tap the menu button for additional options, including Duplicate, delete, copy, paste below and insert new
  • You can also insert a new step by tapping the + button in the bottom left of the screen
  • Tap the Play > icon in the bottom left of the screen to test your LED sequence

Assigning LED Sequences to Contacts

To add a new step by pressing the + icon in the bottom right of the screen, and when you are ready to assign an LED sequence to a contact, open the main menu by tapping the three dots in the top right of the screen, and select Caller-ID Animations.

This new screen lets you assign different light sequences to different callers.  At the top of the screen is the Generic light pattern.  This is the one that will show for people who are not in your address book, or for withheld numbers.

On the left side is a scrollable panel containing each of your contacts, and below that a search button.  Select the contact to whom you want to assign an LED pattern and then you have two options, Incoming [call] pattern and In Progress [call] pattern.  Each one has a drop-down menu from which you can select the pattern you wish to assign for that caller.

It’s then a simple, if initially time-consuming, matter of scrolling through your contacts until you have assigned LED sequences to every one you wish to be alerted to.  If at any time you want to reset your caller LED sequences, click the Reset button in the top right of the screen.


  1. Michael Marks Michael Marks

    Do you have a preview of a newer LEDison? Mine doesn’t have the Caller-ID animations option?

  2. David David

    Michael – I think the recent update that bricked the x27s is OK for the x25s and has the new improved LEDison. There should be a revised version that does not kill your Gemini that hopefully includes this released soon.

  3. just got my Gemini PDA (4g 27 chipset) and tried this but the caller ID option is not on the menu. I updated the firmware tk the latest version and the option is still not there.

  4. Pavan Pavan

    hi , i received my gemini PDA but even my pda does not have the caller ID function in LED

  5. I have the caller ID option but it crashes every time I select it

  6. I’m interested in the other two LED’s, at the top right and left of the device. Since I got the software update, the purple LED on the right has often been on, usually blinking. I gather this is because I don’t have a SIM card in–I’m not planning to shift that from my present phone until there is a manual and I am reasonably confident that I understand how the Gemini works. Is there any way I can turn the purple LED off?

    The red LED on the left is also sometimes on and blinking, even though the battery shows at 100% or near that.

    • Debra Debra

      Same here – not sure what exactly the lights are showing, but would like to be able to dim them.

    • Seb Seb

      I had the same problem with the permanently blinking purple light: I also don’t have a SIM card in the device. My solution was to set the Gemini to flight mode, then turn wifi back on – the blinking light stopped blinking 😉

  7. Emile Pesik Emile Pesik

    LEDison is a poorly desgined app. It crashes frequently, which causes you to lose your work in progress.

    There is no backup/restore facility, so if you do a factory reset you have to start programming your custom LED sequences from scratch.

    There is no option to select a specific number for your contact, and it doesn”t default to your contact’s default number (as set in the Contacts app).

    There is no option to manually enter the RGB values, so selecting the same colours for the next step in your sequence is practically impossible unless you pick a preset from the colour picker. This may not be a big issue as the LEDs seem to display far fewer individual colours than the colour picker suggests they’re capable off.

    You can’t drag and drop the steps in your sequence to reorder them, so if you change your mind you need to reprogram every intermediate step to achieve your desired new sequence.

    Cool idea in principle, poorly executed.

  8. Gonzalo López Ayala Gonzalo López Ayala

    what is the solution

  9. Gonzalo López Ayala Gonzalo López Ayala

    what to do then?

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