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Published November 6, 2018

In the first 24 hours of the Cosmo’s month-long funding campaign on Indiegogo, it became fully funded in less than four hours, and smashed through more than 200% of its funding goal by the end of the day.  Less than half way through day two and the Cosmo reached a massive $500,000 in funding.

Additionally, and to meet demand, Planet Computers extended the number of Early Bird Specials to 999, clearly meaning that they see “early bird” as being something limited by time, rather than number.

A 20 minute interview with Planet Computers’ CEO and co-founder Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogel went live on YouTube, and it answered a lot of questions people have about the device, this can be seen above.

Additional publicity and promotion for the Cosmo came from ZD Net, Lilliputing, Phone Radar, The Verge, and AllAboutSymbian.

The Cosmo Communicator has received highly positive publicity, far better than the Gemini had in its early days where every article kept mentioning the word “retro”.  Things are looking positive for the rest of the fundraising campaign, and the further future.

We have also launched our own Cosmo Backer FAQs page, so if you have any questions about the Cosmo, or the fundraising campaign, we might be able to offer answers.

The Cosmo Communicator is still available to back NOW on Indiegogo on this link and by clicking the banner below.  You can help support the Cosmo Communicator with the hastags #CosmoCommunicator and #GoGoCosmo and please help spread the word by sharing this article on the links below.

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