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Published November 12, 2018

The first of four weeks of funding on Indiegogo have now passed, and what a week it’s been.  The timeline for the Cosmo Commuicator reads like a dream-sheet, or wish-list for Planet Computers…

Day 1 – Monday November 5th

9:00 am – The Cosmo is officially announced and the Indiegogo campaign launches

10:00 am – The Cosmo reaches 50% of it’s crowdfunding goal, hitting $100,000

11:00 am – 75% of the crowdfunding goal is reached

12:35 pm – within four hours of the campaign starting, the Cosmo hits its $200,000 goal

Day 2 – Tuesday November 6th

Funding reached $500,000 and to meet demand, the total number of Early Bird perks had been raised from 500 to over 1,000.

Day 4 – Thursday November 8th

In its first three and a half days, the Gemini hit its $200,000 funding goal, but in the same period of time, the Cosmo smashed through the total amount that the Gemini had raised in the whole of its first month.

Only four days after the Cosmo was officially announced, the number of backers hit 1,000, and achieved $600,000 in pledges, making a huge 300% of the original campaign target.

Better still, the Cosmo won a coveted CES 2019 Honoree Innovation Award at a special presentation ceremony in New York.  This is the same award won by the Gemini just one year earlier.

Day 5 – Fri November 9th

On day five the Early Bird deals, which had been extended and extended again to meet demand, were extended one more time.  Here at Gemini Planet we’re looking forward to seeing what future weeks bring to the crowdfunding for the Cosmo.

The Cosmo Communicator is still available to back NOW on Indiegogo on this link and by clicking the banner below.  You can help support the Cosmo Communicator with the hastags #CosmoCommunicator and #GoGoCosmo and please help spread the word by sharing this article on the links below.

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