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Published November 9, 2018

It would appear that there’s just no stopping the Cosmo Communicator.  Within just a few days of being formally announced, the Cosmo has won a CES Innovation Honoree award.  This is the same that was awarded to the Gemini in 2018 and it’s a brilliant vindication of both the Cosmo Communicator itself, and for British tech innovation.

The award has come in the Wireless Devices, Accessories and Services section, which is the same as the Gemini won last year.  Thousands of new products pass through the show floor of the Consumer Electronics Show every year, which this time runs from January 8th to January 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada (US).  Of those, a select few products are awarded across various categories, from Gaming, to Sustainability, to Cybersecurity.

The presentation of the awards took place in New York last night.  Planet Computers CEO and co-founder, Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogel was there to accept on behalf of his colleagues, and said in a statement…

“We are very happy that Planet Computers has received this industry recognition, for our new Cosmo Communicator flagship product. We are also pleased to be a part of promoting UK design and innovation on the worldwide stage.”

This is incredible news for the Cosmo, and its development team at Planet Computers in London.  They have worked extremely hard to bring both the Cosmo and the Gemini to hungry backers, fed up with not being able to have a mobile device with a “proper” keyboard.  Shortly before the awards ceremony, the Indiegogo funcing campaign for the Cosmo reached 1,000 backers, who together pledged more than $600,000; more then 300% of the original funding target.

You can read more about the CES Innovation Awards on this link.  Here at Gemini Planet we’ll continue to bring you the latest updates on the crowdfunding campaign for the Cosmo, which in its first few days has raised more funding than the Gemini managed in the whole of its first month.

The Cosmo Communicator is still available to back NOW on Indiegogo on this link and by clicking the banner below.  You can help support the Cosmo Communicator with the hastags #CosmoCommunicator and #GoGoCosmo and please help spread the word by sharing this article on the links below.


  1. Waqas Waqas

    I want to buy this cosmo mobile communicator

  2. Maung Maung Lwin Maung Maung Lwin

    Any comment about high resolution audio playing through the new devices? I noted that Tidal is playing well with my Gemini listening through blue tooth speaker. I would like more information of using it with an external DAC and head phone?

  3. Louis T Louis T

    It is very exciting to see the enhance version!! Would and larger e-ink screen on the cover be consider for the next enhancing version? I look forward to that.

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