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Different countries and airlines have restrictions on mobile devices over certain sizes, or with batteries over a certain capacity being able to be taken on flights in hand-baggage.

The UK government details for air restrictions can be found HERE.  You should check with your government and airline before flying with a Gemini on your person or in your hand-luggage.

The Gemini is 17.14cm (length), by 7.93cm (width), and 1.52cm (height) and contains a 4,220mAh battery.

The Gemini includes a dedicated Flight Mode key available by pressing Fn + F.


We don’t yet know if the Gemini is compatible with styli, and what types (active / passive) might work.  This FAQ will be updated when we have more information.

Yes, Microsoft has mobile versions of Office apps, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook in the Google Play Store.  However you will need an active Office 365 subscription to create new documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the Gemini.

You can find out how to buy Office 365 for both Personal and Business use HERE.

Yes, it is unknown at this time if the Gemini supports screencasting, however you can connect the Gemini to your TV using the dedicated Planet Computers HDMI cable.

Yes, you will need the dedicated Planet Computers HDMI adapter cable to connect the Gemini to a full-size monitor.  A keyboard and mouse can be added via USB or Bluetooth.  You can then use Android and Linux full-screen on the monitor.

Yes, the Gemini works with Smartwatches running Android Wear, and also with the Apple Watch.

Officially the Gemini supports MicroSD cards up to 256GB in size.  People have speculated that larger capacity cards should be compatible, but none have been tested as of this date.

Planet Computers have approached Microsoft about the possibility of Windows 10 running on the Gemini.  At the moment, the ARM-compatible version of Windows 10 does not support the Mediatek processor used in the Gemini.

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The battery on the Gemini is replaceable, however there is no word on higher-capacity, compatible battery availability, and changing the battery will void your warranty.

No, the Gemini does not come with an in-built 24-bit DAC (Digital Analogue Converter), though it supports USB-attached DAC units if you require greater audio fidelity.

The Gemini does not have any biometric security devices (fingerprint reader / iris recognition) built-in.

No, the Gemini PDA does not support NFC or Google Pay.

The external camera add-on has a 5MP camera.  At this time it appears it may be user upgradable, but there is no confirmation of this, at this time.

The camera built into the Gemini is a 5MP unit.

No, the Gemini is not waterproof or splashproof.

eSIM (Embedded Subscriber Identify Module) is a hardware-based mobile connectivity module, based on the SIM card standard.  It has already been adopted by many major cellular networks worldwide, in addition to companies including Microsoft and Google.

eSIMs allow people to buy mobile data to use on their device in advance, so they do not need to purchase a full mobile package.  Some networks around the world may also sell voice calling packages for eSIM devices.

eSIMs can be useful for purchasing mobile data when you are travelling abroad, without needing to find and purchase a local SIM card.  You should check with the cellular networks in your country to determine what support they provide for eSIM devices.

The Gemini supports Bluetooth 4.2.

Planet Computers are exploring the possibility of providing an external screen module for the Gemini, but no official announcement has been made about the feasibility or availability of such a product in the future.

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It may be possible to obtain Root access to the Gemini, but no details are available currently, and doing so will invalidate your warranty.

Yes, the Gemini supports the Google Play Store out of the box.

Yes, the Gemini Agenda app is fully compatible with Google and Microsoft calendar services.

At production, the Gemini ships with Android 7.1.

Yes, the keyboard shortcut / function keys and external alert LEDs are functions of the custom Android installation.  You will lose this functionality, and possibly other functionality that requires specific drivers (such as telephony features) if you install a different build of Android on the Gemini.

Note, doing so will also void your warranty.

Yes, the App Bar is an app, and not part of the default launcher.

Yes, at the time of manufacture Google had not made a version of Android Oreo that worked with the Mediatek processor used in the Gemini.  Planet Computers have said that Android Oreo will be made available via an over-the-air update as soon as they can.

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Yes, Planet Computers have said that it will be easy to install a different distro of Linux on the Gemini, although exact details of the process have not yet been released.

It should be technically possible to remove Android from your Gemini, but no details exist as to how this would be done.

It should be perfectly possible to remove the Linux distribution from your Gemini, though exact details of how this would be done have not yet been released.

Debian Linux is installed on the Gemini

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Ordering & Delivery

Gemini units are being delivered to Indiegogo backers from mid-February to April 2018 in numerical order sequence.  However there may be some variation meaning some backers may see a delay in receiving their unit.  This will be due to availability of different international keyboard layouts (a few of which were still not finalised when production began) and  availability of different charger types.

The Gemini PDA is currently available for international sales exclusively through Indiegogo, for the price of $599 (4G + Wi-Fi) and $499 (Wi-Fi only).  You can purchase a Gemini HERE.

As 2018 rolls on, the Gemini will be available in more online stores, search for “buy Gemini PDA” online.

Other resellers include…

UK – Clove Technology

Yes, all accessory packs and cases are being shipped in the same deliveries as Gemini PDAs.

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There is no word yet from Planet Computers about release of a firmware restore tool, though the question has been asked.

Warranty return details have not yet been released by Planet Computers.  This FAQ will be updated when that information becomes available.

Details of the Gemini warranty are unknown at this time, and this FAQ will be updated when we know more.  It’s is very likely though that the following actions will invalidate your warranty.

  • Getting the Gemini wet, or using it in the rain
  • Changing the battery in the Gemini
  • Opening any non-user serviceable parts, such as those that require torx screwdrivers
  • Interfering with or upgrading any internal components
  • Gaining root access to the Android operating system
  • Installing a different version of Android (it is understood changing the Linux distro will be supported)
  • Damage caused by an unsupported charger

Exact details of the warranty provided with the Gemini are currently unknown, though it is likely to be a fairly standard limited 12-month worldwide warranty.  This FAQ will be updated when we have more information.

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