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Published June 9, 2018

If you have an external camera module for your Gemini PDA, here’s our easy to follow fitting guide.


  1. Grant Nurden Grant Nurden

    Thanks Mike. Just a thought… if one needs to remove the cover again to change the SIM or SD card, how is that going to affect the camera seal?

    • Yes, it’s easy to remove the cover with the camera installed 🙂

  2. Evandro Cordeiro Evandro Cordeiro

    No camera module yet at to buy.

  3. Felix Felix

    Question is: When do I/we get the camera addon? Ordered it back in the day when it was still avaiblable on indiegogo as an addon for existing backers.
    Should I have received it already?

  4. Mohammed Khan Mohammed Khan

    Hey, Thanks Mike for the fantastic video. Very easy to install when following your instructions. Unfortunately for me I’m a little heavy handed and, ended up cracking the camera glass whilst ripping it out of the small plastic. But still managed to fit on and does the job. Just some advice for everyone, just be little careful when removing the camera cover from its plastic wrapper.

  5. Alfred Chow Alfred Chow

    All fitted and very easy installation.
    However, I followed the video and the last stage it says sticky side of the protective plastic underneath. Neither side was sticky so I put it in anyway.
    The instruction leaflet says pained side underneath. but both sides looked the same.
    No idea which way round it is now, but seems to work, despite big fingerprints all over the lens and protective cover!

  6. Robert Murray Robert Murray

    My external camera is not working any recommendations.
    Thank you, Robert Murray

  7. However I am However I am

    Where can I buy the camera module?

    • Robert Murray Robert Murray

      Thank you

  8. To my surprise I can’t find any guide how to work with this Gemini camera properly. I mean to get more appropriate snaps of newspaper article or of the page in a book, which was easy in my Blackberry Key 1 or Samsung Note 2. . Somebody told me that there should be some way how to make it sharper manually even if Gemini has not an automatic focusing. But how to do it? (And – by the way – does Gemini have the auto focusing or has not?) The results are unfortunately not sharp enough to use them as a source for OCR. Could it be possibly my fault? Thanks for any help…Paul from Prague

  9. Will there be an upgrade version of the camera module? 5mp went the way of the Dodo bird…

  10. Mr.Stanley Mr.Stanley

    After about the third attempt, I was successful, but my nerves were running.

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