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Published May 10, 2018

I’m currently writing the Gemini PDA manual, as many of you know, and I’ve been talking to Planet Computers about taking a different approach to the tech reviewing and proof reading for the book.  After some consideration, as the Gemini itself is a crowdsourced product, it seems only fitting and logical to also crowdsource the manual.

What I’m looking for is a small team of Gemini backers who can join a special, super-secret Facebook group.  They’ll all receive chapters as they’re finished, and can help make sure the manual is the best manual for any computer… ever!

You can be anywhere in the world, and the more people who don’t speak English as a first language the better, as it can only help make the manual more understandable for more people.

The editing process will take place from late May for approximately two to three weeks, so you’d need to be available during that time (mostly).

There are some criteria applicants would need to meet…

  • The project is super-secret, so no leaking, we know where you live!
  • Applicants must already have taken delivery of their Gemini or have it shipping soon
  • Backers with an Indiegogo status of “Order Locked” can apply
  • We are looking for the following experiences…
    • Writing / Editing (if possible)
    • Education / Teaching (if possible)
    • Experience with Google’s Android OS
    • Experience with Linux
  • Applicants must have a Facebook account and be prepared to join the editing private group

The role would involve the following things…

  • Performing a technical review of chapters, and feeding back on any technical errors
  • Making suggestions for any subjects or topics that should be included in the manual
  • Performing a proof-read, and feeding back on grammatical or spelling errors
  • Non-English speakers to comment on the language used in the manual, and how easy it is to understand

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please fill in your details using the form below.  We can’t ask all of you, but we’re very grateful to everybody who applies.

UPDATE: We now have enough people, many thanks to everybody who applied.


  1. Willing to help out if required.

  2. Pete Fotheringham Pete Fotheringham

    I would love to help out, but I don’t (and won’t) do Facebook. Please consider using some other way of collaborating on this that does not exclude non-Facebook users. Thanks

    • Hi Pete, I’m not deliberately using Facebook because it’s the “big thing”. It just happens to be that Facebook groups offer a good threaded approach that works well for this type of project, while enabling me to keep everything hidden and secret from the outside world. Thanks for the enthusiasm though 🙂

      • maybe consider google docs? at least its more secure and is really built for collaboration

    • Wolfgang von Jan Wolfgang von Jan

      The same for me, I will never work via facebook
      My Gemini is running every day since 3.3.2018, my still working Psions are going into pension

  3. I see you now have enough people for this project and I fully endorse your ideas about making the best user manual ever. I could not have offered my services on a number of counts: first I did not get my Gemini until a few days before the middle of June, and I have only just found this link today; I don’t have or want any facebook account; and I don’t have any experience with any Android/iOS at all or indeed any smartphones as I have resisted them up to now – but I was a small club magazine editor for 20 years so I can do proof reading if you still need that. The main reason for this reply is that when I received my Gemini and found there was no user manual, I started to write my own because not knowing Android either meant so much was unfamiliar to me, and I needed to write down everything as I found how it worked! I also really need some guidance on Android and was disappointed to find comprehensive user guides on this seem to be non-existent too! Consequently someone totally unfamiliar with a product or software can easily highlight where instructions written by someone totally familiar with those things will miss the obvious. Even using an acronym which may be familiar to an ‘old hand’ might make me think ‘now what does that mean?’ So I just thought my proof reading might help in this regard. Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best in getting your user manual finished as I certainly missed having a guide and I’m sure there will be other like me too.

  4. Les Les

    I have my new Gemini and unlike the previous people who have posted, I am not Computer savvy. In fact I can hardly use it. Please bring on easy to read manual.

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