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Published September 18, 2018

The Gemini PDA Official User Guide is now available to download for FREE from the Planet Computers website in PDF format, and you can find it on this link.  The guide has been written for Planet Computers by veteran computer books author Mike Halsey of, the author of 18 books on computer usability, accessibility, and troubleshooting.

Additionally you can purchase the guide in paperback from Amazon and here are links to the UK and USA websites, though it is available worldwide.

The User Guide runs to more than 230 pages and contains everything from getting started information, to how to dual or even triple-boot the Gemini with Linux or the Sailfish OS.  Additionally there is best practice advice on personal security, passwords, how to make the Gemini more accessible and easier to use, and how to maximise the battery life on your device.


  1. Paul M Paul M

    How about setting up a Patreon for this? And/or offer a paypal link to send you tips?


    J’ai fait l’achat du livre qui est en anglais avec plaisir, plus pour soutenir l’auteur et la démarche participative.
    Par contre j’aurai souhaité que la version en PDF soit sur plusieurs langues,

  3. Wolfgang von Jan Wolfgang von Jan

    Mr. Halsey, many many thanks for your (and helpers) work. Over the months using my Gemini I found most of the specials but after reading the book I found many other helpful tips. When I compare the Gemini Handbook and compare it with a e.g. Samsung Handbook I recognize that the Gemini one was written by a practitioner dayly working with the machine. There still remain some Points and I hope there will be a second version but with this we can really work

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