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Published February 24, 2018

The Gemini PDA comes in both Wi-Fi and 4G + Wi-Fi variants, with many owners wanting to use the Gemini to make a receive phone calls.  This is a very different device to a smartphone so how do you do this?  There are in fact three different ways to make and receive calls on the Gemini.

Answering and Ending Calls

We’ll start with the obvious question.  As the Gemini doesn’t have an external touchscreen, how do you accept a phone call?  On the right side of the Gemini is a silver button (see below).  To accept a call when the Gemini is closed, just press this button once.  You can then press the button again to end the call.

Headset and Hands Free

If you have headphones with a microphone plugged into the headphone socket on the Gemini, or if you have a headset connected by Bluetooth, you can speak and listen through that without an issue.

If you want to answer a call hands-free, you might find that the caller is muffled.  To rectify this, you need to activate the speakphone, which you do by clicking the speaker button highlighted in the image below.

Note that you set the speakerphone to always be the default option in the About phone settings.  Note however that setting this option will override your headphones if you are using them, and automatically use the speakerphone for all calls.

Using the Gemini Closed

I’ve already detailed that you can use the silver button on the outside of the Gemini to answer and end calls, but how do you make them with the case closed?  After all, you have to have the phone app open on the screen to select the person you want to call.

You’ll be pleased to hear that once a call is initiated, you can simply close the Gemini case without ending it.  Closing the case when a call is active will switch to the external speaker(s) and microphone(s) so you can make a call simply by holding the Gemini to your ear.

The good news here is that the Gemini includes both a speaker and a microphone at each end of the handset.  This means that it doesn’t way up you hold the handset, you can still make the call without an issue.  You can’t do that on a Samsung Galaxy!



  1. I read somewhere that pressing the silver button gets you to google voice, you can then ask it to call someone in your contacts. It certainly does that on my Sony android phone although I have to unlock it first. So from a security point of view probably not a great idea.

  2. Mathi Mathi

    I heard that the dual boot is not fully supported yet, but when it is I would prefer to only use Debian, as that would be a reason to use this system. Is it possible to make phone calls from Debian, or will this only be supported on Android?

    • I have also been wondering about this. Can you make and receive phonecalls when booted into linux?

  3. Gareth Morgan Gareth Morgan

    It doesnt actually tell me how to make a call.

  4. Adam Adam

    I’ve found the calling app to be buggy–when I call someone, the screen will quickly dim and then turn off, even though I’ve set the phone to not dim the screen until 5 minutes of inactivity. When the screen turns off, it will actually restart the phone. So as of right now I can’t use the phone to make calls.

  5. Richard Richard

    I’ve heard that there are “dumb phones” which can be connected to the Gemini and their screens shows your list of contacts and the ability to make and answer calls. Before answering they display who is calling. This means that your Gemini can be safely stored (hidden) in your bag while still allowing calls to be made/received.

    My question is, can someone point me at such “dumb phones”, and/or give me a better description to go off and search for.

    • Richard, someone posted this on the FB group:
      … [Elari Nanophone C] …
      Seems ti be a BT widget with display.. Can be found for 40$ on Amazon

  6. Ian Ian

    OK, daft question, but where is the in-call volume control?

  7. If I`m out and about I dont want to be opening the screen to sort the screen dialer, why cant we make a call with good assistant with the clamshell shut? so that we can just call the person with it to our ear. If we misdial we use the silver button to end call as usual. It seems daft to open it up to use google assist or prod about in the street, jus asking to get mugged.

    Please fix this as mine doesnt do it at present.


  8. Do you have to open the clamshell to see who is calling you?

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