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Published September 18, 2018

We’re a little late, but delighted none the less to announce the winner of the Gemini PDA Photo Competition.  That winner is Dr Abul Siddiqui for his great medical picture that really captures the essence of productivity and convenience that the Gemini offers.  Congratulations.

It was very close though, so honourable mentions also go to David J Mallinson, Norbert Hanny, Antonius Lim, and Willy Susilo.  The winner and honourable mentions can be seen below.

Winning photo by Dr Adul Siddiqui

The winner receives a full accessory bundle pack for their Gemini.

Photo credit Antonius Lim
Photo credit Willy Susilo
Photo credit Willy Susilo
Photo credit David J Mallinson
Photo credit Hanny Norbert

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  1. Congratulation for the winner, Dr Adul Siddiqui! Is there a consolation prize for us, honourable mentions? 🙂
    Cheers, Norbert Hanny (yaka)

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