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Published May 17, 2018

Let’s start with the elephant in the room… why does the Gemini PDA need a screen protector when the screen is on the inside of the device?  It’s a good question and many people will not feel the need to purchase a screen protector.  It might depend on how often you leave the screen exposed.  For me it’s certainly because the glass screen is a huge fingerprint magnet, and gets smeary and oily very easily.

So in the name of science, or something else like that, I’ve assembled and tested a selection of screen protectors for the Gemini PDA.

Gemini Shipping Screen Protector

It wouldn’t be fair to have a screen protector shootout without including the screen protector that ships with the Gemini.  This has the advantage of already being on the screen, so there’s no worry about getting dust or other artefacts stuck beneath it.  The fitting can be a bit hit and miss however, and you might be able to see where it’s not flush to the screen in the bottom right corner of the photo below.

Being free is hard to beat for value for money, especially when the competition is quite expensive.  The image quality is also excellent.  Most people will want to rip it off, which can be a challenge in itself as it’s very well glued in place, but there’s really no need to do so.  If you’re happy to leave it in place, then it will do a great job for you.

Score 3/5

UpScreen Screen Protector

The UpScreen screen protector isn’t cheap, at between £9.69 and £12.39 on Amazon UK it can be considered an investment.  It’s also let down by the fact that the protector is ever so slightly too short lengthways, and ever so slightly too tall so you’ll need to carefully trim about 1.5mm from the bottom with a ruler and a craft knife.  There’s also no cut-out for the light sensor, so if you use adaptive brightness you might find this interferes with the feature.

On the plus side, it has two distinct advantages.  The first of which is that it comes in four varieties.  Scratch resistant, anti-bacteria, reflection shield, and a clever privacy screen that shields the Gemini screen when viewed from an angle.

The other advantage is that it comes with a handy mounting kit, consisting of a cleaning wipe, a smoothing card, a wet pad, 3 guide stickers, and a handy dust remover.  The latter is a specially-designed sticker that can be used for removing dust and artefacts if they find their way onto the sticky underside of the film, and it works well.

In use I found the UpScreen to be quite grainy, and if you were purchasing one I’d imagine it would be the privacy screen protector that would appeal the most.  The toolkit is very well equipped and handy, but the grainy view and the mis-sized cut both score against it.

I found the UpScreen available on Amazon UK, but it is also available elsewhere in the world, and on eBay.

Score 2/5

Miyavix Overlay Plus

The Miyavix has upsides and downsides.  The downsides include it being quite expensive at $14.99, being only available on in the US, and also that it’s very often out of stock.  It also doesn’t come with any tools, guides or stickers to help you fit it.

On the plus side though the fit is perfect, the image quality it provides is faultless, and it’s easy to fit as well.  The Miyavix is definitely my own screen protector of choice for the Gemini.

Score 4/5

AtFoliX Protector Film

The AtFoliX is the best value screen protector, mine was bought from Amazon UK for £7.19.  Unlike the other screen protectors in this shootout though, you get three of them in the packet instead of just one, making it a very affordable option.

Like the UpScreen protectors, these come in different varieties, high-resolution, clear crystal, glass protective, shock absorbing, anti-reflective, and 4-way visual protection (aka privacy filter).  They also provide a dust remover sticker, cleaning cloth, and smoothing card in the packet.

The AtFoliX can be safely described as a very snug fit, which can make it tricky to fit accurately first time, but it does fit well, and is the only screen protector to come with a peel-off cover on the front of the protector as well.

In general usage it’s a little grainy and you’ll notice this while using your Gemini.  This isn’t a deal-breaker though as it’s nowhere near as bad as the effect on the UpScreen, so if price is a consideration for you the AtFoliX should be at the top of your list.

Score 4/5

There are other screen protectors available for the Gemini, and this short list isn’t by any means exhaustive.  The advice as always is to read any reviews online about screen protectors before you buy, and if you have any personal recommendations, please post them in the comments below.



  1. ArchiMark ArchiMark

    Helpful overview of protectors, Mike. Thanks for sharing this and all your other great posts!

    Think I’ll leave the Gemini protector on mine until it starts coming off or gets scratched up.

    In meantime, I’m enjoying my Gemini with Debian on it……



  2. I didn’t even realize that my Gemini came with a screen protector. Looking at it closely under a light I think I can see it, not sure. I think I will go with that for now.

  3. Faye Salwin Faye Salwin

    I had bubbles under my protector and it was a fingerprint magnet so I removed it. I replaced it with a liquid 9H ‘oleophobic’ coating. It has definitely reduced the smearing and I think it has improved the perceived sharpness of the phone display but it isn’t as good as the coating on my iPhone.

  4. Rod H - Merritt, BC, Canada Rod H - Merritt, BC, Canada

    For screen protector needs I go to the Japanese Daiso store. This is the Japanese equivalent to a $2 store. Well, it is a $2 store as everything is $2 and everything is made in Japan. They have individual sheets of large screen protector film for $2. I buy these and cut them to size to fit my various screened tech. Very high Japanese quality. Comes in two flavours: clear or matte to mitigate fingerprints.

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