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Published May 4, 2018

If you’re like me and often don’t have your Gemini or smartphone nearby, did you know you can have your Windows 10 PC alert you when something happens?

To achieve this you’ll need to install the Cortana app on your Android Gemini or phone or your iOS device, you’ll need to sign into Cortana using the same Microsoft or Azure AD account you use on your Windows 10 PC or laptop.  Once that’s done, open the app’s settings and navigate to Cross device.  Here you can choose which notifications you want to get on both your smartphone, and any Windows 10 device you’re using.

You should also open Settings on your Windows 10 PC and then click Cortana and Cortana across my devices.  Here you can check if the PC is set up to receive notifications form your phone (you might not want notifications to appear on all your Windows 10 PCs), and you can also choose what notifications you wish to receive from the phone and messaging system, or from any compatible apps your have installed on the phone.

There are various notification options you can choose, including being told if you’ve missed a call, and when you receive an SMS or instant message, and your PC will additionally display the contents of the message for you.   Cortana offers extra sync functionality such as Pick up where you left off feature that integrates with Windows Timeline to let you carry on working on websites you were viewing on your phone, and a Cloud clipboard enabling you to copy and paste between different devices.

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  1. m0ntala m0ntala

    Thanks Mike… you certainly get around! 🙂
    David (Rolfe)

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