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Published May 20, 2018

Because the Gemini PDA has a full, physical keyboard, the area under the keys can become dirty and blocked with dust, dirt, and even food crumbs.  The tops of the keys can be cleaned with an anti-static cleaning cloth, but it’s also easy and simple to clean underneath the keyboard, and doing this a couple of times a year can help keep your keyboard operating as new.

You need to start by carefully removing each individual key from the keyboard.  You can do this using the cover removal tool, or another thin tool such as a fine screwdriver.  Carefully lift each key until it pops out of its housing.  A tip here is to remove the outermost keys from the inside, as the tool will fit much more easily under the key.

Do not remove the space bar or Enter key, as these are attached with metal brackets, and are more difficult to reattach.  They can be easily lifted for cleaning however, more on this shortly.

The keys need to be carefully arranged on a flat surface, so you can ensure they are in the correct places when you refit them onto the Gemini.

Once all the keys are removed, remember DO NOT remove the Enter key or space bar as these are attached with additional metal brackets, you are ready to clean the keyboard mat.  You will not need to clean underneath the keyboard mat as it has a snug fit into the Gemini body, and it won’t allow dirt and dust to pass through.

The space bar and Enter key key can be carefully lifted for cleaning, as shown in the photo.  Take care with these keys however as they are attached with metal brackets that can make the keys difficult to reattach.

You can use a clean (unused) paintbrush, an unused make-up brush, or a handheld electronics dust blower to clean the keyboard mat on the Gemini.  Remember to take care when doing this so as not to be too virogous and risk causing damage to the keyboard mat.

When you have cleaned the keyboard mat the keys can be pressed back into place.  Each one will click back into its housing, and you can carry on using the Gemini knowing that everything is clean underneath the keyboard.

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  1. m0ntala m0ntala

    I am not sure that I feel brave enough to start removing all the keys from my keyboard yet. but perhaps in a few month’s time, when it does not feel quite so ‘new’, I might feel a bit more inclined to do so!

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