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Published May 20, 2018

It’s always important to keep apps and the operating system on a mobile device up to date.  The reason for this is because out of date software can contain bugs and security vulnerabilities, as well as being potentially unstable.

When you first start using the Gemini you are asked for permission to allow apps and the operating system to be automatically updated.  Should you have deactivated this functionality though it’s easy to switch it back on.  You can set apps to automatically update by opening the Google Play Store and clicking the hamburger menu to the left of the search box.  Next select the Play Store Settings and you will see an option to Auto-update apps.

To set firmware (operating system) updates to automatically download, open Settings and then scroll to the very bottom of the settings list and select About phone.  You will then see a Firmware update option (called Wireless update in early builds of the firmware).  Here you can check for new firmware, or you can tap the hamburger menu in the top right of the screen to change the auto-update settings.

The Gemini makes it easy to get updates to the operating system as well, and you will see a notification pop up on your home screen when an update is available.  Opening Settings > About Phone > Firmware update will display details of the update and if the firmware has not automatically downloaded you will see a Download button.

With the new firmware downloaded you can then install it.  It’s highly recommended that you plug your Gemini into its charger during the update process as it can chew a lot of battery, not the least of which is because the screen in constantly turned on.

If you have your Gemini dual-booting between Android and Linux, you may need to download and install firmware updates manually.  Please refer to Planet Computers’ support page for information when firmware updates are released.

Additionally it’s important to note that if your battery runs out half way through the update your Gemini could become unusable, so if you don’t have a charger to hand, make sure you have at least 50% left on your battery.

Once the firmware is installed you will be returned to the Gemini home screen where you may find new features and functionality that make the Gemini even better, and new security patches to make using it a more secure and enjoyable experience.



  1. m0ntala m0ntala

    Very useful… just being doing that myself, and found that Google had 22 App updates for me!

  2. Alex Alex

    Hi, Sophos Mobile Security tells me that de WirelessUpdate contains malware: Andr/Xgen2-P? Anybody else see that too?

    • Jim Conacher Jim Conacher

      Think it’s most likely a false positive, I’ve just run a McAfee scam on my Gemini and it’s come back clean.

  3. Jim Conacher Jim Conacher


  4. Robert Robert

    I’ve updated my device and now it is stuck in the planet welcome screen with the planets going around… is this the expected behaviour?

    • J L J L

      This happened to me also just now. Anyone have any idea how to move past this?

      • HF HF

        Just got mine today, updated the firmware and same thing here

        • Robert Robert

          so far I managed to shut it down with ESC+SideButton… that allows at least to enter in recovery mode

  5. Robert Robert

    I’m trying to actually find a way to reboot manually (forcefully) the system to see if we can get on the recovery menu (erase data partition or just back to factory)

  6. Robert Robert

    I would recommend to no update to the latest firmware update.

  7. Paul Paul

    My device also is in the powerup screen looping after the update.
    How is it possible to restore my device?
    The power on button (esc) with the button on the right side does boot up the loader with erase and factory reset but still it keeps on looping. Currently I am not able to work or call anymore

    • HF HF

      I guess it is not at the moment. I sent a mail to them, but I guess that will take 2-3 days before they respond.

      Super annoying. Got mine today, after having been waiting for it for six months, then 5 minutes into setup, this happens. Not a good start.

  8. HF HF

    Anyone managed to get around the firmware? Over a week since this happened, and no official fix. Nor any good support page, just having to scroll through miles of comments on the Indiegogo page. I’m on a Mac, so guess that makes it even more difficult to fix.

  9. Anders Anders

    Is this working now? Is it safe to update the firmware according to the instructions in the blog post above?

  10. Monkey Control Monkey Control

    This article talks about bugs and security vulnerabilities, then invites you to the google play store. I laughed so hard my tinfoil hat fell off.

  11. Peter Lucas Peter Lucas

    Mine updated successfully..woo woo

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