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Published February 22, 2018

Find out how to safely fit SIM and MicroSD cards into your Gemini PDA with our short tutorial video.


  1. Rod H - Merritt, BC, Canada Rod H - Merritt, BC, Canada

    I’m looking forward to doing that on my own Gemini!

  2. I have tried a 128GD exFAT microSD in my Gemini but its not recognised and asks me to format it. I am not keen as it contains data. Doyou know the file system that Gemini needs for storage? FAT32?

  3. Fumihiko Akazawa Fumihiko Akazawa

    Once I remove the cover it will not come back perfectly.

  4. Saturnino Mandujano Saturnino Mandujano

    What type of sim card does it use?

      • gidds gidds

        To clarify: that’s the smallest-but-one size.

        ‘Full’ size is similar to a credit card; the smaller ones are mini, micro, and nano (with nano being the smallest, and slightly thinner).

        Having received my Gemini today, I can confirm that it takes a micro size.  (If you have a nano, you can get a micro-sized adaptor to hold it.  If you have a mini or full size, you may be able to disassemble or cut it down to micro size.)

        As for refitting the top cover, the instructions recommend that you fit the middle edge first, and then press down the front edge.  (NOT the reverse of how you remove it.)  I tried both ways by mistake, and middle-first does seem to work better.

  5. How does the SD card appear when booted in Linux?

  6. It looks as though the Gemini takes two SIM cards. Is this the case? I can’t see a second slot.

    • The Gemini (2nd batch and onwards) has an embedded eSIM which occupies the second slot. It’s internal and built into the device.

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