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Here is where you will find links to our own, Planet Computers, and third-party websites and resources.  We will add links to this over time as they come along, so make sure you check back periodically to see what’s new.



Gemini Planet Facebook Group

If you’re on Facebook then why not pop along to the Gemini Planet group, for up to the minute chat, announcements, and hints and tips from Gemini owners.  Click the icon on the left.



Official Planet Computers Website

The official Planet Computers website can be found at, and you can get there by clicking the icon on the left.




Open Embedded Software Foundation, who run forums dedicated to providing help and support for Gemini PDA owners, HERE – Japanese fan and enthusiast website.



Gemini PDA pages at XDA Developers.



Gemini PDA Sub-Reddit.



Useful collection of Gemini keyboard and other apps on GitHub.



If you have some free time, or perhaps need PC or Windows Help and Support, pop along to the website of Mike Halsey, the guy who runs this website,

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