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Published April 16, 2018

The Gemini PDA is a fantastic mobile device for people who have to work on the move, and this frequently involves travelling abroad.  If you’ve not read our FAQs yet, you can find information about taking the Gemini abroad and on flights HERE.

Travelling abroad though can often result in worries about mobile data use.  Some countries, such as those in the European Union now have agreements in place that allow travellers to use data and calls from their personal allowances to be used abroad without any additional charges being levied.  Not every country is so generous however, and not everybody is quite as lucky.

So how do you manage data usage on your Gemini when abroad?  One way is actually to buy a local SIM, either before you travel or on arrival.  If you have a friend or colleague in the country, or spend a little time searching online, it’s not normally too difficult to find an inexpensive deal that will give you all the local calling and data that you require for your trip.

It’s possible to manage mobile data abroad though in your Gemini, and I thoroughly recommend you check your settings before you travel as the standard running of apps that get updates from the Internet, such as messaging and social media apps, can quickly run up a sizeable bill.

Airplane Mode

The easiest way to shut off all cellular data and calls is to activate Airplane Mode.  This can be achieved by swiping downwards from the top of the screen at any time, then clicking the small down (expand) arrow that appears in the top right of the drop down that appears (or by swiping downwards again).  You will see the icon for Airplane Mode, and tapping it will turn it on or off.

Managing Mobile Data

If you want to disable 4G mobile data completely then you can do this by opening Data usage from Settings (Fn + Del) and turning off the Mobile data switch.  You will still be able to connect to Wi-Fi networks and use the Internet, but this will guarantee you cannot use any 3G or 4G data.  It is also in this panel that you can see just how much mobile data you have used this billing cycle.

Data Saver

The Data Saver feature can be found in the Data usage section of Settings and can restrict the amount of data some apps use, so as to reduce the amount of data you use overall.  It’s activated by a simple switch and you will be told, or can choose if there are any apps which are allowed to use unrestricted data when this feature is turned on.

Managing International Roaming

You can manage the global roaming settings by searching for roaming when Data roaming will appear as an option.  You may be happy to leave International roaming permanently activated, but if you are concerned about roaming running up a large bill for you, or perhaps if you live close to the border with another country and are afraid of accidental roaming.

The Android operating system makes it very easy for you to manage mobile data while abroad, and to monitor how much data you are using at home and abroad, and managing if that data is permitted when you are away from home.

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  1. ac ac

    i can’t connect to the chrome, youtube and play store and essentially all other apps using data.. Please help. its always saying not mobile data even if it is on. Ive been receiving emails on my gmail and on fb msgr. but other than that, mobile data is completely none existent as far as other applications are concerned

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