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Published February 28, 2019

Planet Computers investor Dynamical S.R.L. has launched a crowdfunding campaign for their new Paymo smart wallet. The Paymo is a “The Paymo 4G Smart Wallet is a digital wallet that lets you go completely digital with your money! A dedicated mobile device to securely manage all of your financial transactions, credit/ debit cards, travel, loyalty and access. Universal smart wallet for secure transactions with contactless Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Google Pay and QR code-based payment, such as WeChat Pay and AliPay. 4G and WiFi connectivity to online banking and receipt scanning services with over 30 days of battery life.”

The size of a credit card and with a 3.5-inch screen, the Paymo is able to securely store details of all your credit and debit cards, allowing you to pay securely at contactless terminals.

  • Small and sturdy smart wallet with 4G and WiFi connectivity
  • Make payments using stored credit and debit cards and G Pay
  • Make payments and transfer using WeChat Pay and AliPay by scanning QR codes
  • Store all your travel, loyalty cards in one place
  • Store your digital keys for secure access to smart lock-enabled homes, hotel rooms or cars.
  • Take credit and debit card payments using merchant account
  • Easy quick access to main function using 1-click action keys for payment, transfers and balance checking
  • Wireless access to online banking and receipt scanning services
  • Over 30 days of battery life of normal use

Security is managed via a fingerprint sensor on the rear of the device, which you can also program to allow friends or family to pay on your behalf.

The Paymo is available to back now on Indiegogo from $229.


  1. Md Maynul Haque Md Maynul Haque

    very innovative and state of the art method for digital payment system. As a fintech guy, i know how smart idea is this.

  2. Cole Cole

    NO NO NO NOOOOO! NO WeChatPay or AliPay!!!! Delete these and instead just add BitPay! 😀 Don’t support China’s social credit scores. If it does have crypto cold storage and payment capabilities, I’ll buy it 100%.

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