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Published October 13, 2018

With the release of the 7.1.1 one of the Gemini PDA’s main feature promises was fulfilled, with full eSIM support in the second-batch MediaTek x27-powered units (the x25 units don’t include an eSIM).  eSIM (embedded subscriber identity module) is a cellular technology that allows you to take short or long-term cellular contracts without the need to collect, or wait for delivery of an actual SIM card, as the eSIM is built inside the Gemini itself.  You manage your eSIM contracts in the eSIM Wallet app.

eSIM contracts are being supported by more and more cellular networks around the world, with smartphones such as the iPhone Xs driving demand and adoption.  They’re particularly useful for business travellers.  When you take out a new eSIM contract you will need to give the celular provider your EID code, which can be found near the top left corner of the eSIM Wallet app.

To add an eSIM contract to your Gemini, tap the download icon (the down arrow) in the top right corner of the eSIM Wallet app and you will be presented with three different options for adding your eSIM details.  Which one you use will be determined by your cellular provider, and they will tell you which you should be using.

Once you have added your eSIM contract, you can open Settings > SIM Cards from the Android home screen and choose which SIM card should be used for each of calls, SMS messages, and Mobile data, and you can choose different SIM cards for each one.

NOTE: Once you open the eSIM Wallet app, it may automatically change your calls SIM to the eSIM, and it will inform you if it does this.  You will need to open the SIM Cards settings to change this back if you want to use your Gemini’s main SIM card for calls.


  1. Lex Lex

    For one reason or another the Gemini defaults to SIM2 (eSIM) for calls after each start, although I selected SIM1 in the SIM Cards option of the Settings menu. I have to restore that after each start to be able to make calls. Some bug in either SIM Cards settings or perhaps the eSIM Wallet app is doing this?

  2. Lex Lex

    Problem described above is resolved in Firmware update from Oktober 31, 2018.

  3. hitsuki hitsuki

    compatible with apple esim plan??

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