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Published May 4, 2018

It’s no great secret that the technology we use is very often covered in germs and bacteria, and our mobile devices such as smartphones and the Gemini can be some of the worst offenders.  Let’s face it, we use these everywhere, when we’re out and about, cooking, and even when we’re in the bathroom doing… erm… stuff.

The Gemini is a good candidate for collecting bacteria too, as the tiny gaps between keys on the keyboard can trap dust and dirt, as anybody who has changed their rubber keyboard mat can testify.  But it’s not all bad news and you don’t need to worry about using a Germini as most of the bacteria on our devices is good bacteria, in that it’s the stuff that helps us build immunities.

You don’t have to be Howard Hughes though to worry about the amount of bacteria on your devices, especially these days where there’s talk of drug-resistant superbugs, so this is where the PhoneSoap XL comes in.  This is a device that uses four strong ultraviolet lights to kill up to 99.99% of bacteria on your Gemini, your keys, your TV remote control, your game controller, your smartphone, your baby bottles and… frankly… anything you can fit inside it.

The PhoneSoap XL beats it’s smartphone-only smaller sibling though, the PhoneSoap 3, because you can place the Gemini inside the device when it’s open, thus cleaning both the outer case, and also the screen and keyboard.

I’ve recently bought a PhoneSoap XL, and it’s smaller smartphone-only sibling the PhoneSoap 3 and I will admit having been very sceptical.  Let’s face it, unless you buy a specialist bacteria testing kit, how would you know if it’s doing anything more than giving your Gemini a suntan?  A quick search on YouTube though reveals quite a few independent tests, all of which provide the same result, that the PhoneSoap does exactly what it claims to do, and every time, almost all the bacteria on whatever they put inside the device is quickly killed.

The PhoneSoap XL works completely silently (it’s only lighting four bulbs after all) and  putting your device(s) inside and closing the door starts an automatic 15 minute cleaning process.  At the end of this time your device has been sanitised, though it won’t get rid of the dust under the keyboard, and you can rest easy using it again.

The PhoneSoap is manufactured by a US company, so you may face import duties if you order it from elsewhere in the world.  I had to pay a small tax amount when it arrived in the UK, but it wasn’t too much.  This also means it comes with a US plug, so you’ll need an adapter.  If you hunt around online you can also often find discount codes for the PhoneSoap too, of up to 20%.

You can buy the PhoneSoap from the company’s website.

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