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Published November 13, 2018

Planet Computers have announced that they’re running a referral competition for the Cosmo Communicator, with the top three Cosmo backers in terms of the number of people they refer who also back the Cosmo, winning a Gemini PDA.

The prizes include…  For the backer in first place a Gold Plated 4G Gemini PDA, for the backer in second place a 4G Gemini PDA and for the third place winner, a Wi-Fi Gemini PDA.  These are spectacular prizes, and Planet have been quite sneaky in running this competition from the first day the Cosmo launched on Indiegogo, meaning you might already be in the running and not know it.

The current top three referrers are Merriman, Yamamoto-san, and Halsey.  All this could change though as the competition is set to run for the full month of the crowdfunding campaign.  The more people you refer to Indiegogo who back the Cosmo, the better your chance of being a winner!

The Cosmo Communicator is still available to back NOW on Indiegogo on this link and by clicking the banner below.  You can help support the Cosmo Communicator with the hastags #CosmoCommunicator and #GoGoCosmo and please help spread the word by sharing this article on the links below.

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  1. Monkey Control Monkey Control

    By rights I should win this competition just for effort, I’ve been boring the pants off everyone I know since I heard about the groovy Cosmo and backed the campaign.

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