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Published April 8, 2019

Planet Computers are getting ready to release the, admittedly slightly delayed, Gemini PDA update for Android 8.1. This brings new security, stability and other app and user interface enhancements to the device.

I’ve been testing Android 8.1 on my own personal Gemini for a few days now and I can report that it’s working really well. While I’ve not used all the functionality of either Android or the Gemini, I’ve not encountered any bugs, crashes or other problems.

Android 8.1 also brings some new features to the Gemini, including the ability to completely hide the back, home and apps side buttons on the screen. With these turned off in Gemini Settings you will need to use the Esc key as back, and Fn + D, or the Gemini App Bar to return to the home screen or to launch apps, and Fn + A to close apps. This brings a whole new mini-laptop feel to the device.

Speaking of the App Bar, this too has been enhanced with a new sideways scrolling panel, allowing you to add as many apps to the bar as you like. You simply swipe left and right with your finger to move between them.

Planet Computers have also released their new Psion-esque Airmail app with this release, which accompanies their existing Data, Notes and Agenda apps.

Android 8.1 is expected to be available as an over-the-air (OTA) update later this week, with a download available for manual installation on rooted, or dual-boot devices soon afterwards.


  1. Paul M Paul M

    Nice! I’m looking forward to the update. I’m hoping that Android 8.1 will also mean less dependency on Mediatek and Planet for keeping the OS up to date. Also, I’m hoping that people doing multiboot will be able to update/upgrade in future without need the flash tool

  2. Daniel W. Daniel W.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this. I was on the verge of mailing Planet, to ask how they can keep failing to timely tell their users when and why there are delays (which WILL happen) when duly telling always is less risky and cheaper, even in the short term, than failing to do so.

  3. Nick Broom Nick Broom

    Well its Friday evening and no sign of the 8.1 firmware update yet. Hopefully soon now?

  4. Steve G Steve G

    Has this been released yet?

  5. Fai Wong Fai Wong

    End of this week, again

  6. John Martin John Martin

    I am very intrigued by the device, but it sounds like this update has been delayed multiple times. Is it really coming out soon?

    • Nick Broom Nick Broom

      I sincerely hope so. I bought mine on the clear understanding that it would be updated…

  7. Nick Broom Nick Broom

    Another week nearly over and no update available yet. Under UK consumer law I thankfully have the right to insist on a full refund (I have checked with a solicitor friend and under consumer law I will clearly win a case in the Scottish small claims court should it ever come to that). I loved my Psion and was really pleased when the Gemini was released, but the lack of an upgrade to 8.1 is unacceptable. I plan to give it another week or two and then will formally request a full refund.

  8. George Haynes George Haynes

    PC, I have no issue with releasing when the update is ready; but I have little tolerance with no communication to customers. You have a good product but must find better ways to provide reliable and timely information.

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