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Published February 23, 2018

As many of you receive your Gemini PDAs, you’ll want to take screenshots and even screencast videos to share with friends, and fans of the Gemini, but how do you do this in the first place?  The good news is that it’s much easier than you might think.

The Gemini has a dedicated screenshot button on the keyboard.  Just click Fn + R and the Gemini will automatically take a screenshot and save it to your /Pictures/Screenshots folder.  From there you can either copy the file to removable storage or sync it to a cloud storage service such as OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Note however that the location of the screenshot icon, seen below as a small square, may change on some international variants of the keyboard.

The Gemini doesn’t have an in-built facility for recording video of what’s happening on screen, but I use DU Recorder, which is available from the Google Play Store.  DU Recorder is a fully-featured screen capture app, that also allows you to edit your video and share it online.

By default though it does place an annoying watermark in the bottom right corner of your videos (see below).  This is easy to remove however by scrolling to the bottom of the Settings panel in the app, where you will see an option to disable it.

All-in-all it’s remarkably easy to record screenshots and screencast video on your Gemini PDA, allowing you to share your positive experiences, and create tutorials to help others.  I hope you have great fun, and spend a lot of time doing so.



  1. m0ntala m0ntala

    I am sure that a lot of users will find this article very useful… thanks Mike! 🙂

    • Ditto

      Mike thanks for your posts. I’m looking forward to trying out the screen capture and casting when my unit arrives. I feel that your posts are helping us to be more familiar with the Gemini.

      I can’t wait to get mine and have heard nothing on the US shipments but it seems like the backers in the UK got an email from the local shipper as notification. I’m hoping that one us on this side of the pond hears something soon.


    Please keep such tips, tricks, shortcuts and how-to’s coming to this page, Mike.


  3. Many thanks for this – was puzzling how to do a screenshot. Works great.

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