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Published September 28, 2018

Robin Parker, the Chief Operating Officer and one of the founders of Planet Computers has today left the company to join a fintech company in London as COO.  Since joining Planet Computers in 2017 Robin has steered the day to day operation of the company, managed the manufacturing and delivery of the Gemini and its accessories, and has worked closely with the user community through events, online through the Gemini Planet Facebook group, and by generously donating prizes for several competitions.

Robin is a veteran of innovation and startups, having founded and run Drift Innovation for many years, a highly-successful company that makes high-definition and 4K action cameras for professionals, sports people, and consumers.

He graduated from Oxford University with an MA in Chemistry and also studied at the highly respected European School of Brussels, in Belgium.  Here at Gemini Planet we’ve worked closely with Robin for the last year and can testify that he’s been an asset to the company, and to the users of the Gemini PDA.

Building a startup so as its day to day operations run smoothly, while also navigating the minefield of international manufacturing, and the problems the Gemini encountered during its early months was not an easy task, but Robin always buckled down and put customers and the user community first.  In a statement today, Planet Computers founder Dr. Janko Mrsic-Flogel said…

Robin has been there since the start of Planet Computers and is a vital part of our Gemini journey.  We wish Robin all the best in his new endeavours.

Day to day running of the company will now pass to Janko who is pushing the company forward with new product plans.  All in all, Robin leaves the company he helped build, in great shape, something of which I’m sure he can be proud.  We wish Robin all the best in his new role, and thank him for the hard work and dedication he put into making the Gemini PDA a success.

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  1. jun jun

    He really helped us, early users. Thank you very much, and wish for his continued happiness.

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