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Published June 5, 2018

When you are setting up the Gemini PDA with a non-UK keyboard, you may find that you can’t get the @ symbol working on the keyboard, because the physical keyboard needs to be configured to your country’s layout (see my article on how to configure this).

It’s easy to add your email address during setup however.  When you click in the email address input box, you will see a white keyboard icon appear in the bottom right of the screen.  It can appear faint and easy to miss, but tap it.

A dialog will then appear with a switch called Show virtual keyboard.  You need to turn this on.

With the virtual keyboard activated you can now enter your full email address.

When you have completed setup you can disable the on-screen keyboard when you set up your physical keyboard for your own country’s layout.  You can achieve this by following these instructions.


  1. I have bricked and re-loaded my Gemini, multiple times. I still want Linux….
    After these multiple installs, I find that I have two “English US” options in the list. The first one doesn’t work, the second one does. Forewarned is forearmed.

  2. Adam Norberg Adam Norberg

    Alternatively, FN+K will give an “@” sign in UK Keyboard Mode. (FN+L is the semicolon painted on the K. The quote mark on the L has, of course, moved to shift-2.)

  3. How can I access the symbols on the bottom of keys? Holding Fn & pressing doesn’t seem to do it.


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