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Published January 13, 2018

Do you have an interesting story to tell about how the Gemini has changed how you work, or use computers?  Perhaps you’ll be using your Gemini for a very specific, or mission-critical role that other people might find interesting or surprising, such as Remote Data Centre Management, Executive Presentations, helping somebody with a disability, or App Development.

If you feel you have an interesting story to tell then get in touch through our contact form.  Tell us about your story, and please remember to include…

  • What the problem is you faced
  • How long the problem has existed
  • Why the problem came about
  • How the Gemini helped you fix that problem

If possible, a photograph of yourself, or something relevant to your story would be very helpful.  You can also choose to tell your story in video, and all submitted videos will be considered.

Many thanks for your contributions.

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