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Published January 13, 2018

Have you discovered a tip or trick that Gemini owners might find useful, interesting, or even surprising?  Perhaps it’s a tip that solves a specific problem Gemini owners might face, or that will help people get better use and enjoyment from their PDA?

You can write the tip article yourself, or if you aren’t that confident submit the details of your tip for us to include in an article.

If you have a tip to submit please email us through our contact form.  Please remember to include…

  • What the tip is
  • What the problem is people might face
  • How does your tip solve that problem

All submissions will be considered, and if you would also like to submit your tip as a video these will also be considered for publication on the website.


  1. James James

    Sorry, not really a tip or trick, but can anyone tell me how I can switch off the sound of the keyboard? Every time I press a physical key, there’s a beep, and it’s driving me mad. There is no option in the Android settings, turning media sound off completely doesn’t help either – where can I silence the keyboard?

  2. James James

    And I’ve found the answer. Open the Planet App bar, then click on the Planet Keyboard icon, then click on “advanced”. You can alter the volume of the keyboard noise there.

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