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Published May 28, 2018

More and more people are now using the cloud to store, backup, and synchronise our files, documents, music, and video with all our computing devices, be they PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones.  The idea of having access to all your files, wherever you are, and on whatever device you are using can be compelling for those in business, or for people who just want to get stuff done.

If you use Microsoft’s Office 365 suite on the Gemini then you can open and save files stored in OneDrive or OneDrive for Business, but what happens if you don’t store you files in the Microsoft cloud, or if you want to keep a copy of your files locally, on the Gemini or an SD card for when you need them, and might be out of cellular or Wi-Fi signal range?

Cloud services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and Google Drive all exist for Android, but they are commonly hamstrung with problems such as only being able to open files from within that app, not from within the app on which you want to work on the file, or from within a file manager.  They can also insist on storing your synced files on the Gemini’s internal storage, and not on a MicroSD card.

The solution comes from app development firm MetaCtrl and their excellent suite of sync apps for OneDrive, DropBox, Box, Mega and Google Drive.

These apps allow you to sync whatever you want, to wherever want it to be.  You can choose which folders in your cloud storage to sync, where on the Gemini or it’s MicroSD card if you have one, that you want the files synchronised, how often (or manually) you want files synchronised, whether cellular sync is permitted, and all the while working seamlessly in the background so you never have to worry about having the latest copy of your files and documents on whatever device you happen to be using at the time.

MetaCtrl’s OneDrive and Dropbox sync apps were two of the first apps I bought for my Gemini, and I don’t regret it for a moment, though free versions are also available.  In the Google Play store they don’t have a single app with a customer rating under 4.5 stars, and with good reason.

If you need to be able to sync files from all the major cloud providers to your Gemini, when MetaCtrl have the solutions you need.  For working on the move, and let’s face it this is what the Gemini is all about, these really are the killer apps.



  1. Paul Tap Paul Tap

    Actually there is no cloud; it’s just someone else’s computer. Therefor I prefer to run my own Nextcloud server and there are a lot of apps to sync with it, not just files, but calendar, notes, tasks, to name a few. Actually, the Gemini being the device that it is, is perfect for browser only usage so that’s what I do. Ok, I have unlimited mobile data; no need for sync and hardly ever off line.

    Next to my Nextcloud server that connects to my email as well, there’s a Collabora CODE server allowing me to seemlessly run LibreOffice in the browser. Also a server (all VMs of course) and >90% of the work gets done in and on the server. No data on the device. The Gemini with its perfect high res screen and keyboard is just made for it.

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