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Published July 3, 2018

One of the most common questions that’s asked by Gemini users, is how to turn off the vibration that occurs whenever a key on the keyboard is pressed.  This is easy to do, though it’s a little hidden.  You do it either from the Gemini Keyboard app, or if you can’t see that from within Settings.

If you can’t see the Gemini Keyboard app, on some Geminis it’s integrated into Settings, then open Settings and search for vibrate.  Select Keyboard & input methods from the search results.

At the next screen, and this is what throws people, tap Virtual keyboard.

A list of keyboards is now displayed, tap Gemini Keyboard to open it’s settings.

At the Gemini Keyboard settings tap Preferences.

You can now uncheck the Vibrate on keypress and Sound on keypress options, these deactivate the feedback you get when using the physical keyboard on your Gemini.

It’s very easy to disable vibrate on the Gemini keyboard, but as I detailed the setting is well hidden, and not where you would expect it.  Note that you might need to turn the Gemini off and on again (not a restart) for these changes to take effect.

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  1. Rod H - Merritt, BC, Canada Rod H - Merritt, BC, Canada

    My settings drill-down is quite different and even with “vibrate on keypress” OFF my keyboard vibrates. This is only turned OFF by the Gemini Keyboard app. Unique is not necessarily bad.

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