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Published June 14, 2018

One of the questions that’s often asked by people who have purchased the external camera module for the Gemini PDA, is how they use it, and how they switch between the external camera, and the selfie camera.  The answer is very simple and straightforward.  When you are using the camera app you will see, at the top of the screen and slightly to the right side, an icon of a camera with rotating arrows beneath it.

Tapping this icon will quickly switch between the selfie camera, and the external camera on the Gemini, and it makes it extremely easy to make sure you’re always using the right camera, for the right thing, at the right time.


  1. julian julian

    Is there a way to take a photo without opening up the gemini and using the view finder?

  2. I had a problem with fitting the lens cover over the lens, and my tries to remove the sticky tape and relocate the lense cover was only 80% successful. Do you have lens cover spare parts available?

  3. Suresh Nirody Suresh Nirody

    Would be interesting to juxtapose a photo taken of the dogs with the screen cap of the dogs (above). Based on the other Gemini-taken photos I’ve seen (which have all been of very poor quality), the pic above is much too clear!

  4. Mikael Johansson Mikael Johansson

    Both the internal and external is a 5MP camera. Is it the same sensor or are they diffrent? If the external camera is the same sensor(-size) as the internal I will not bother buying the external. But if the picture quality of the external is visibly better than that of the internal I would be interested.

  5. david david

    la camera externe est de très mauvaise qualité, cela gâche presque le plaisir d’avoir un GEMINI,
    je ne suis pas arrivé a faire de photos exploitable.
    dommage, mais si par aventure planet computers rectifie par une autre camera de meilleur qualité .


    hi where i can buy the external camera, it is possible on ebay

  7. Christoph Schroeder Christoph Schroeder

    I put in the camera module. But the icon do not appear at the screen, even not after a new start.

    • Werner Werner

      Which Icon?
      I have the camera App, in the App i can Switch the cameras.

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